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Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are the NBA professional Basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls play in the NBA as a member club of Central Division of the league’s Eastern Conference. Dick Klein founded the team on January 16, 1996. In 1998 Chicago Bulls defeated Utah Jazz by 4-2 and won the series. The Bulls use to play their county basketball matches at the United Center, an arena shared with the National Hockey League’s Chicago Blackhawks. In 1997 Chicago Bulls defeated Utah Jazz by 4-2 and won the series.

Cheap Chicago Bulls Tickets

The 1990s was the era of Bulls greatest success. They are famous for having one of the NBA’s greatest empires, winning the NBA championship titles six times between 1991 and 1998. All the championship teams were led by famous player Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordans and coach Phil Jackson. In 1996 Chicago Bulls defeated Seattle SuperSonics by 4-2 and won the series. The Bulls are the only NBA team who win multiple Championships and never lose NBA final series in their play history. During the 1995-96 NBA season the Bulls won 72 games, made a NBA record that stood until the Golden Warriors won 73 games during NBA season 2015-16.

In NBA history the Bulls were the first team who won 70 games or more in a single season and the only Franchise having that record until the 2015-16 Warriors. Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan have both won the NBA MVP award while playing for the Bulls. According to the Forbes report 2016, the Bulls are the third most valuable NBA franchise, having an estimated value of $2.3 billion. Fred Hoiberg is the present head coach of the team. In 1993 Chicago Bulls defeated Phoenix Suns by 4-2 and won the series and in 1992 Chicago Bulls defeated Blazers by 4-2 and won the series.

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